Trump Accuses Biden’s DOJ of Secretly Targeting His Twitter Account

Former President Donald Trump has criticized the Department of Justice under President Joe Biden for allegedly attacking his Twitter account without his knowledge. Trump’s remarks came after court documents revealed that special counsel Jack Smith had obtained a search warrant related to Trump’s Twitter account, now known as X.

In a Truth Social post, Trump referred to his political opponent as “going CRAZY trying to infringe on my Campaign for President.” The court ordered Twitter, which is owned by Elon Musk, to hand over the requested documents and imposed a fine of $350,000 for not complying with the court order in a timely manner.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. noted that the court found “reasonable grounds to believe” that informing Trump of the warrant could jeopardize the ongoing investigation.

Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, questioning whether the First Amendment still holds significance. He also raised concerns about potential evidence destruction and criticized the developments as “DARK DAYS IN AMERICA!”