Nikki Haley Confident in Gaining Ground Against Trump in GOP Primary Race

In a recent interview on Monday, Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador in the Trump administration, expressed confidence in her ability to gain ground on Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary. With 48 states and U.S. territories remaining in the primary calendar and trailing Trump by 15 delegates, Haley emphasized the goal to continue growing her support.

“We started with 2% in Iowa. We got rid of the fellas. It’s just me and Trump in the end. We went to 20% in Iowa. We got 43% in New Hampshire, and now in South Carolina, we want to be stronger than that,” said Haley during the “American Agenda” interview.

While acknowledging that Trump has 32 delegates to her 17, Haley remains optimistic about the race. Notably, she won’t be gaining any delegates from Nevada, as she is not on the ballot for the state’s GOP caucus on Feb. 8. Her home state’s primary is on Feb. 24, where she is currently trailing Trump by 33.3 percentage points in the polling average.

Despite the Republican National Committee’s rejection of efforts to name Trump the presumptive nominee, Haley believes the race is far from over and criticized Trump and other Republicans in the “political elite” for urging her to drop out.

“I’ve never been part of the political elite. I don’t want to be a part of the political elite. The people who were saying that are the congressional members around [Trump], the Lindsey Grahams of the world and everybody who has gotten nothing done on cutting wasteful spending,” said Haley.

In addressing concerns about Trump’s electability, Haley pointed out challenges in winning over independents, suburban women, and even some Republicans who express hesitation. She emphasized her commitment to preventing further losses for the Republican Party, stating, “How many more times do we have to lose before we realize we have to right this ship?”

Haley concluded by calling for a focus on listening to the American people and advocating for a candidate who can secure victory in the general election against President Joe Biden.

Richard Shaw
Richard Shaw
Richard Shaw is a seasoned conservative news journalist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Richard is known for his insightful reporting on national and international affairs, as well as his in-depth analysis of political and cultural issues.

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