Advocacy Group Launches $1.8 Million Ad Campaign Urging Stricter Border Security Measures

A nationwide advertising campaign, costing $1.8 million, is set to be launched by the nonprofit American Action Network, an advocacy group with connections to House Speaker Mike Johnson. Beginning on Friday, the campaign will target 16 congressional districts, urging members of Congress to advocate for stricter measures on border security.

The ads will promote policies featured in H.R. 2, which includes reinstating former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, resuming border wall construction, and ending the catch-and-release practice.

The campaign comes amid a surge in illegal border crossings, with December seeing over 302,000 documented attempts to enter the U.S. The ads will run in districts represented by GOP Reps. Juan Ciscomani (Arizona), David Valadao (California), and Brian Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania). The advocacy effort emphasizes the overwhelming nature of the current situation and urges constituents to contact their representatives to support robust border security measures. House Speaker Mike Johnson has taken a firm stance on border security, signaling resistance to any immigration compromise reached by Senate negotiators.