Why is Hunter Biden still living in the White House?

Many who grew up watching Sesame Street are familiar with the song “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other.” Let’s apply it to this list: Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, Baron Trump, and Hunter Biden. All of them lived or are living in the White House with their fathers while they were/are President of the United States (POTUS). However, the first three had no choice in their living situation as they were minor children at the time. On the other hand, Hunter Biden is a 53-year-old lawyer with adult children of his own. One may wonder why he is still residing under his father’s (or the American public’s) roof.

There is speculation in the media that this may be due to a woman who has refused to back down from the powerful Biden family. Lunden Roberts, now 31, has been in a legal battle with President Joe Biden’s son since she first filed a paternity suit against him in an Arkansas courtroom on May 28, 2019.