Michigan Republican House Delegation Joins Trump’s Federal Leadership Team

All six Republican U.S. House legislators from Michigan have officially endorsed former President Donald J. Trump, according to an announcement made by his campaign on Tuesday. Representatives Tim Walberg, Bill Huizenga, John Moolenaar, Jack Bergman, Lisa McClain, and John James, along with the entire Republican House delegation from Michigan, have been named members of the Trump 2024 Michigan Federal Leadership Team.

In their statement, the Michigan legislators expressed pride in endorsing President Trump, citing his track record of prosperity, strong economy, enhanced national security, and positive impact on the state of Michigan. They emphasized his ability to deliver results and his success in winning key battleground states like Michigan, where he was the only Republican to win a presidential race since 1988.

John James, in a separate statement, criticized President Joe Biden’s policies, highlighting the negative impact on Michigan’s middle class and the overall state of the economy. James contrasted Biden’s tenure with the positive outcomes achieved under President Trump, such as low inflation, pro-family policies, and increased community security. He emphasized the need to provide hope to Americans who feel let down by their government.

The 2016 election saw Trump winning Michigan by a narrow margin of less than 1 percentage point over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. However, in 2021, President Biden secured the state with a 3-percentage-point lead, equivalent to around 154,000 votes. Despite these changes, the Michigan Republican House delegation’s endorsement of Trump indicates his continued status as a prominent figure within the party, undeterred by recent legal challenges or potential primary contenders.