House Freedom Caucus Chairman Denounces Debt Limit Deal

Scott Perry, Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, expressed strong criticism on Tuesday for the debt limit deal struck between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden. Speaking at a news conference, Perry stated that the deal “fails completely” and vowed to use every means at their disposal to prevent its passage.

Representative Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania, argued that McCarthy had a clear mandate but failed to hold firm on the package that was passed earlier in January. According to Perry, Republicans received no concessions in return for extending the debt ceiling limit for an additional two years.

Perry expressed deep frustration, highlighting that the GOP entered the negotiations from a position of strength, making the outcome all the more disappointing. He pledged that members of the Freedom Caucus, along with their supporters, would vehemently oppose the deal and utilize all available strategies to block its passage.

Another member of the Freedom Caucus, Representative Chip Roy from Texas, emphasized the need for fiscal reforms alongside any increase in the debt ceiling. Roy stated that the deal with Biden has created a rift within the Republican conference and that efforts are underway to restore unity and ensure the bill’s defeat.

Roy pointed out that Democrats’ support for the deal, coupled with the opposition from respected conservative groups like the Club For Growth and the Heritage Foundation, should raise concerns. He suggested that the enthusiasm from Democrats and the disapproval from conservative organizations indicate that the deal may not align with the interests of the American people.

As the debate over the debt limit deal intensifies, Perry, Roy, and their allies in the House Freedom Caucus are determined to rally support within their party and garner opposition to the agreement, citing the need for fiscal responsibility and meaningful reforms.