Former President Trump Grows Stronger Amid Challenges, Says Legal Spokeswoman

Alina Habba, the legal spokeswoman for former President Donald Trump, shared insights during an interview on Newsmax on Sunday night. She emphasized that Trump remains highly focused on his political campaign despite various distractions.

Habba noted that Trump is not easily stressed and highlighted that the more he faces challenges, the more determined he becomes, not just politically but also in terms of motivation. She stressed that she knows Trump personally and has witnessed how adversity only strengthens his resolve.

During her time with Trump, Habba mentioned that he met with family members who were affected by the Afghanistan withdrawal. She described how Trump served as a source of motivation and support for them, highlighting his compassionate side.

In contrast, the interview touched upon President Joe Biden’s plans to spend the upcoming 9/11 anniversary in Alaska rather than at any of the sites targeted by terrorists in 2001.