Chaos in House Republicans: Reinstating Kevin McCarthy or Rallying Behind Byron Donalds?

Republican Representative Carlos Gimenez of Florida suggested on Tuesday that the best solution to the chaos within House Republicans in choosing a speaker is to reinstate Representative Kevin McCarthy of California. McCarthy, who held the position since January, was removed on October 3 after a vote to vacate led by Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida and seven other Republicans, with the support of 208 Democrats.

Gimenez expressed his support for McCarthy, stating that he is the natural leader of the party. In the absence of McCarthy’s return, Gimenez is endorsing Representative Byron Donalds of Florida, who he believes can unite the party. House Republicans had initially chosen Representative Tom Emmer of Minnesota as the speaker designee earlier that day, but Emmer withdrew following criticism from former President Donald Trump. Now, the door is open for candidates like Donalds to step in.

Gimenez previously backed Donalds in the 2022 midterm elections for the position of House Republican Conference chair, a role ultimately filled by Elise Stefanik of New York.