California Democrats propose controversial bill requiring schools to stock far-left books

California Democrats are facing criticism for proposing a bill that would mandate public and charter schools to stock books featuring “people of all gender expressions.” The bill would also require the state education board to approve or ban certain books in school libraries and classrooms, with an emphasis on diversity.

Critics argue that this is an example of California prioritizing far-left ideology over the needs of its residents. While recent actions by Republicans in states like Florida have been accused of banning books, some of these claims have been disputed, such as the case of Harper Lee’s classic “To Kill A Mockingbird.” However, the issue of books teaching gender ideology remains a point of contention.

California Assemblyman Corey Jackson has cited a supposed “National Christian White Supremacist Movement” as the reason for his bill, but critics argue that this movement does not exist. The proposed legislation has sparked concerns about the influence of political ideology in education and its impact on students.